Entangled Bodies

Images of Sculptural works in multiple galleries and exhibitions. Li Salay, at the Art Gallery of Alberta (2018); Where the Weather Happens at the Niagara Artist's Centre (2017); Entangled Bodies at the Art Gallery of York University Vitrines (2017).

Finding themself displaced in an unfamiliar landscape and working to methodically attune to this new environment, the artist has slowly and meticulously gathered flowers and other natural materials found in Toronto. Working with wood, bark, beeswax, and human hair, they tell a story of interconnectedness, of bodies whose boundaries are permeable and overlap. Local and global, these materials are entangled. Hair becomes an outgrowth of another body while wax, leaking like sap, binds to tree, bark, and roots. Grounded in the necessity of growing alternative knowledges, they cultivate an intimacy and sensitivity to the environment through ecological sensibilities, shared stories, and relayed connections.

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