Hold and Release

Two sculptural works produced in response to the collection of the Art Gallery of York University for the exhibition art( i f)ACTS curated by Belinda Ho-Yan Kwan in 2017.

From Exhibition Release:

With this project, historiography occurs through several artistic and curatorial praxes. These seek to question the institutional legacy of the AGYU collection through sensory, material, and lexical methodologies:

Anatomical-botanical grafting. Sheri Nault’s sculptures explore the co-habitation of nature and culture in conversation with Liz Magor’s Keep (2000), a bronze-casted log stuffed with a sleeping bag. While Keep evokes nature as a retreat for the fugitive, misanthrope, and the disenfranchised, Nault’s sculptures prosthetically suture human and botanical forms. Using a combination of synthetic and natural materials, Nault extends Magor’s concepts of vulnerability and protection to suggest interdependency in the face of nature-culture dualism.

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