Exhibition of thesis work by Sheri Nault presented in the Special Projects Gallery at York University, Toronto from April 10 to 14, 2017.

This work crosses mediums to explore the boundary between the human and non-human, to elicit a different sense of where the boundaries of the human lie; a reframing which is not only ecologically urgent, but suggests a reframing of dichotomic power structures as well. The current ecological state of the world is a source of great anxiety, as we near and cross more and more ‘points of no return.’ What seems to be missing is a sense of kinship, a sense of how fundamentally interconnected human lives and the life of the planet are. These works are a gesture toward remembering that we must live and die together. It is my intention to tell stories of interconnectedness, of bodies whose boundaries are permeable and overlap; to memorialize, engage, and bring this permeability into presence.

This work is situated in the context of finding myself displaced in the unfamiliar landscape of Toronto and working to methodically attune myself to this new environment. As I slowly and meticulously gather flowers, attach pieces together to form my sculptures, or draw grasses found at the lakeshore, I am learning the details of this place and the life here and developing my relationship with it. I am trying to cultivate an intimacy and sensitivity to the environment around me through imbedded ecological sensibilities, shared stories, and relayed connections.

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