Gifts for Two-Spirit Youth

The goal of this project is to share:


fun, desirable items

a sense of love and appreciation within two-spirit community

Update: I have closed gift requests so that we can move forward with getting gifts out to folks. Due to how much this project grew, gifts will be expected to arrive in January but 23 folks that will be receiving a gift will get a card in the mail in the next few weeks to let them know they’ll be receiving an awesome package with love from their community early in the new year! Financial support is still welcome as there are some unforseen additional costs moving forward with some shipping specifics and sending out cards.

My goal is to send early enough that they will arrive by solstice/ xmas/ etc. However, due to the enthusiastic response of folks wanting to support this project,  if I am unable to put all of that support to good use this month, I will continue to send gifts to youth as I think this act of care is important regardless of the date it arrives. (though I will focus on my initial goal dates for now).

I had initially imagined this project as being quite small, encouraging a few folks to join in on doing something similar alongside me. However, there has been an outpouring of response from two-spirit folks unable to commit time to sending gifts themselves, and allies offering financial support. Given that, I am planning to personally send as many gifts as I am able to. It is my intention for gifts to average 4-5 items each and I will be allocating about $20.33 after tax for shipping each gift with tracking, using the Canada Post flat rate shipping boxes (most cost effective option). Creators that would like to support this initiative with free or discounted merch are encouraged to contact me as soon as possible. I will also approach independent creators about their products to put together as many bundles as I can. 

Facets of this project
Ages 11-29 (not a rigid limit), Indigenous, queer / two-spirit

Gifts will be sent either directly to youth or to someone trusted who will pass the gift on to them. Please nominate youth to receive gifts using this google form. The form asks about some specifics for determining gifts, and offers two address options. Sending gifts directly to the youth is ideal for those who are not minors and will be receiving their mail directly. Gifts can also be sent to someone who will pass the gift on to the youth, this is particularly useful for reasons of safety or anonymity. Information provided will not be kept or used for anything outside of this project.


Due to needing to keep the funds for this project separate from my own finances as I am currently unemployed due to the pandemic and seeking financial assistance from the government, I am asking that financial support be sent to which has been created specifically for this project by a trusted friend. This provides extra security for me in that my income wont look artificially inflated by donations to this project. It will also make the finances of the project much easier for me to track! If the PayPal option is not possible for you, please contact me about more information for an etransfer. There is a link to an email contact form in the navigation bar on the left side of this page. 


First and foremost, THANK YOU for having an interest in this. Secondly, I think it is very important to pay small independent creators, if you are not able to give items away but would like to support the project, please still contact me as there will be some budget available. There is a link to an email contact form in the navigation bar on the left side of this page. It is important to note, that this project is not intended to be one for marketing, the youth aren’t intended to be prospective buyers, maybe they will be, but that is not the goal here. As mentioned at the top of this page, the goals of this project are to share: joy; fun, desirable items; and a sense of love and appreciation from community.


Please reach out to me, due to how support and folks’ availability has looked so far, I’m primarily preparing to take this on myself. What this role would require is that you are a two-spirit person or household that is prepared to determine and obtain (or make) 4-5 items for each gift bundle you would like to send. These should be items focused on enjoyment, not (just) utility. You will assemble the gifts, include a note of care and support from your two-spirit home for the youth, and mail them out. I can direct funds to support shipping and possibly some of the gift items depending on financial support received. There is a link to an email contact form in the navigation bar on the left side of this page. 

The image below is an example of four gift bundles that I am in the process of assembling:

Bi + Visibility Week!

For Bi + Visibility week, I’ve been thinking about non-mono-sexualities, which means to be attracted to more than one gender. As an artist, I have been openly and visibly queer for years, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a bit daunting at first! I identify as queer and 2-Spirit, but also consider pansexual and bisexual to be accurate descriptions of my attraction! I’ve definitely lived through bi-phobia and erasure.

Panel Discussion September 19

Myself and a couple of other wonderful folks from different fields will be speaking on a panel about being visibly queer and, in particular, folks whose sexuality falls under that daunting and often disregarded label of “bisexual”! For those of you in Tkaronto, like me, this will be starting at 3pm Eastern! You can find more information at and the Facebook event here.

Zine contribution

I also wrote a couple of poems on how I experience my sexuality for a bi+ visibility zine! Look out for me to share that in the future.

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