Bi + Visibility Week!

For Bi + Visibility week, I’ve been thinking about non-mono-sexualities, which means to be attracted to more than one gender. As an artist, I have been openly and visibly queer for years, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a bit daunting at first! I identify as queer and 2-Spirit, but also consider pansexual and bisexual to be accurate descriptions of my attraction! I’ve definitely lived through bi-phobia and erasure.

Panel Discussion September 19

Myself and a couple of other wonderful folks from different fields will be speaking on a panel about being visibly queer and, in particular, folks whose sexuality falls under that daunting and often disregarded label of “bisexual”! For those of you in Tkaronto, like me, this will be starting at 3pm Eastern! You can find more information at and the Facebook event here.

Zine contribution

I also wrote a couple of poems on how I experience my sexuality for a bi+ visibility zine! Look out for me to share that in the future.

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