Pi*llOry performance transcript

If you would like to smudge yourself, please feel invited to come up and do so, due to Covid-19 concerns, I wont be assisting anyone to do so.

Rodney Levi

Chantel Moore

Regis Korchinski-Paquet

Everett Patrick

Jason Collins

Eishia Hudson

Lucien Silverquill

Randy Cochrane

Robin Fiddler

Geoff Morris

Benjamin Richard

Greg Ritchie

Sterling Ross Cardinal

Agnes Sutherland

Joey Knapaysweet

Brandon Stephen

David Sappa

Bryden Bryce Whitstone

Cavin Kelsey Poucette

Cody Severight

Evan Grant Caron

Adrian Lacquette

Marlon “Roland” Jerry McKay

Dale Culver

Austin Eaglechief

Illutak Anautak

Jeremy Nuvviaq

Moses Amik Beaver

Ralph Stephens

Charles Qirngnirq

Daniel Legarde

Jordan Lafond

Debra Chrisjohn

Jocelyn Nynah Marsha George

Jôvan Williams

Sandy Tarzan Michel

Marvel Woodhouse

James Daniel McIntyre

James Reginald Butters Hayward

Sammy Alook

Naverone Christian Landon Woods

Sindy Ruperthouse

Noah Qiluqi

Daniel Charland

Lance Cutarm

Ryan Allen Walter Jacob

Felix Taqqaugaq

Karen Lander

Corwin Peeace

Kinling Fire

Paul Duck

Cyrus Green

Bernard Giroux Jr.

Romeo Wesley

Brian Gray

Lance Trevor Muir

Robert Stone

Eric Daniels

Bernadette Auger

Angela Lavoie

Rodney Shayne Jackson

Douglas Heagle

Johnny Michel-Dumont Jr.

John Simon

Raymond Silverfox

Harry Haineault

Craig McDougall

Michael Langan

“Chase” Kenneth Standingready-Mckay 

Jacqueline Montgrand

Byron Debassige

Dwayne Charles Dustyhorn

Delbert Kenneth Pelletier

Jay Douglas Louis

Howard Fleury

Kyle Tait

Matthew Dumas

Dennis St. Paul

Gerald Chenery

Sandy Salowatfeak

Clark Whitehouse

Geronimo Fobister

Clayton Alvin Willey

Lorraine Sue Moon

Darwin Robert Campbell

Naytanie Atadjuat

Darrell Paquette

Danny Sand

Peter Benoit Prince

Donald Miles

Francis Joseph Mark

Vernon Crowe

Richard William Allen

Keldon McMillan

Melvin Bigsky

Adam Wayne Beadle

Maurice Linklater

Madeleine Henry

Paulsey Alphonse

Fred Stewart

Lawrence Kim Wegner

Rodney Naistus

Lloyd Dustyhorn

John Tibbett Jr.

Anthony Dawson

Frank James Watts

Frank Paul

Harley Clayton Johnnie Timmers

Constance Brenda Jacobs

“Ty” Tyundanaikah Jacobs


Until we meet again.

Near the end of February 1998, my father’s alcoholism peaked in a night of crisis. I never understood how he was fortunate enough to survive that night, knowing weapons were present and he was highly distraught. I thought the police had been called on him. I recently learned that even though she took us away from our home that night, my mother didn’t call the police until the next day.

The Canadian government keeps no publicly available database of police-involved deaths. Records of ethnicity are not kept. There is no database that includes in-custody deaths, or events like starlight tours. We know though, our minds and our bodies hold each of these wounds. I have named those whose names I know, from today back to that pivotal night in my life, in 1998.

Disrupt Settler Colonialism fundraiser shirts

All remaining stock of Disrupt Settler Colonialism shirts with tobacco illustration are now listed in my online shop. Click HERE to purchase

ALL PROFITS from this shirt design go to Land Defenders. This is currently a LIMITED run. Please be sure to follow instructions if you want a shirt with bleach painted details! 

Thanks to your support through these shirts, I have been able to donate over $1500 to Land Defenders since January 2020 and will be sending more money soon. 

Each shirt will be shipped with a copy of my Disrupt Settler Colonialism mini-info-zine to keep or to pass on to others. Though it’s not yet ready, files for this zine will be available to download and print for free in the near future. The zine has been peer edited and offers an introduction to what it can mean to disrupt settler colonialism. 

‘Where the Shoreline Meets the Water’ Toronto until Jan 31, 2020

I’m very pleased to share several works produced during the Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency in 2018 at the ArQuives in Toronto from Nov. 6 2019 to Jan. 31 2020. 


Curated by Syrus Marcus Ware with support from Tobaron Waxman, it’s an honour to be exhibiting alongside beloved friends and folks I’ve looked up to over the years!..Text below is from the website of the Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency:



EXHIBITION: “WHERE THE SHORELINE MEETS THE WATER”: Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency Retrospective Exhibition (2013 - 2019).A retrospective of works produced by alumni of The Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency, which has been held each summer on Toronto Islands from 2013 to 2019.

The works critically engage landscapes, longing and ecologies in Queer and decolonial ways.
Please join us: Vernissage November 6, 7pm to 9pm, at The ArQuives
Brief artists talk at 8pm, with curator Syrus Marcus Ware. A light refreshment will be provided.
Exhibition dates: November 6 to January 31.
Exhibition viewing hours: Tuesday - Thursday from 6:30-9:00 pm Fridays from 1:00 - 5:00 pm
Viewing at other times is by appointment, please send an email to info@queerartistresidency.ca


Access statement: The ArQuives has a access ramp to the front door, and a lift from the first floor to the second floor. There are volunteers available to operate the lift. The exhibition includes works that can be touched. A sighted guide is available for the visually impaired. Please message info@queerartistresidency.ca to arrange accompaniment by a sighted guide. There is an accessible washroom on the first floor.
All washrooms are gender neutral.
The ArQuives is a scent free environment.
If you have any further questions please email: queeries@arquives.ca

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